Mashup Mondays: Kids See Ghosts x Akira

In a past life, I was a video editor.

I dabbled in it in college, but it wasn’t until I got a job editing wedding videos that it became something I did daily. I had only been to one wedding, but my options were to swim or fail miserably trying. The more I worked at it the better I became and the more I loved editing. The problem was when I got home I didn’t have the time nor energy to work on improving my skills. In the two years since I left that job, I haven’t gone back to editing.

This year I started to dip my toe back in with mashups. The idea was to challenge myself and see if I could put music under a clip and make it work. I will share what I have with the expressed goal of not only doing more but sparking my creativity in other areas (including more expansive editing).

A little on this video:
I grew up loving Akira even though I admittedly didn’t understand much of the story (I still need to read the graphic novel). This opening motorcycle scene is epic and when I started doing mashups I desperately sought something that fit. The problem was nothing did. Insert Kids See Ghosts. This year was a year of change and one of those was how I don’t really fuck with Kanye West like I used to. Yet, I still couldn’t stay away from listening to his new releases. This one, and Teyana Taylor’s K.T.S.E., had me stuck. So basically I tried to blend the two and I feel like it worked well.

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